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The healing flavor of ‘Moonshine’

Imana Gunawan's 'Moonshine: a cabaret project' blends music, dance and food in a communal art experience based on an original folktale.

Dance-Experimentalist Christin Call Embraces Her Ambition

"I love antiquated words. I love the grandiloquence of things that seem obsolete, and bringing them back fresh into this current world that we live in, and I think ballet is the same."

Sinner Saint Burlesque’s Bittersweet, Big-Hearted Swan Song

'A Midsummer Night’s Reverie' ends the group's 12 years of smart, sexy storytelling.

Catapult Dance Reaches Back to Move Forward in ‘I Am Not A Small Woman’

Veteran choreographers Michele Miller and Amii LeGendre team up for a politically relevant evening that doubles as a history lesson in Seattle dance.

The Intimate Ritual of ‘Broken Bone Bathtub’

Siobhan O’Loughlin's show is a metaphorical trust-fall.

Sparse Surrealism Compels ‘Patti & the Kid’

Each moment of 'Patti & the Kid' is rich with purpose and detail, building a compelling, surreal world.

Math + Art + Dance at CoCA

How can an improvisational dance, so freeform and abstract, possibly be so similar to math, which seems so concrete and rigid?

Bebe Miller Company, ‘In a Rhythm’ at On the Boards

Through watching and listening, choreographer Bebe Miller teaches us to become literate in the language of others' choices and others' bodies.

HIJACK’s Hybrid Dance-Film Work at NWFF

Minneapolis dance duo HIJACK overcame less-than-ideal technical circumstances to create a rarefied form of engagement.

A Dance for Dark Horses

Choreographer Kim Lusk’s delightful, demanding full-length debut

‘Young Manic / I Wanted To Be On Broadway’ Makes the Case for Dreaming Big

Choreographer Amy J Lambert brings an evening of dance, comedy and self-referential humor to Velocity.

‘Pylon III’: Ominous Tech-Scape and Unrealized Promise

Despite stellar dancers, Tectonic Marrow Society's 'Plyon III' doesn’t fully realize the potential of its impressive design.