Senior editor Jonathan Zwickel has been writing about popular culture since 2000 for publications in San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale and Seattle. Along with his work at City Arts, he occasionally contributes to Pitchfork, Stereogum and Thrillist. His first book, Beastie Boys: A Musical Biography, was published in 2012 by Greenwood Press. He lives on Capitol Hill with his best friend and personal trainer, Edison the Wonderdog.

Recent Articles


‘We Will Not Despair’ by Breaks and Swells

The neo-soul septet debuts with a unique sound while also embracing the traditional role of soul music as spiritual balm for the masses.

Old World Wonder

Luigi’s is more than a restaurant—it’s a way of life.
Album of the Month

‘Single Rider’ by Jenn Champion

Going full-blown electro-pop, Jenn Champion's new album finds human connection on the dance floor.

Argentine Experimentalists Invade Seattle

ZZK Records is one of the leading ambassadors of electro-cumbia, an expansive, time-warping sound that spans the Latinx world.

“The Basement” by Marlowe

A surreal Lyft ride through LA's deviant backstreets.

‘Channel Surfing’ by Perry Porter

The short film is mesmerizing and appealingly disorienting, like trying a new drug for the first time.

“Blown Away” by Head Band

"Blown Away" sounds like 50 years of guitar-gasmic rock refined into three ecstatic minutes.

SIFF 2018: ‘Return to Mount Kennedy’

The new documentary film is a Seattle-based lens on American history.

Sendai Era, ‘LAKAS’

These personal, political songs sound like sweet summertime.

Welcome to ‘Trash Mountain’

Experiencing ridiculous novelty—as in this long-form GIF comic book/musical experience—has a disorienting effect.