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Hello, Goodbye

"Sometimes the problem with saying goodbye is you are fluent in a language only understood by one other person. And when that person is gone for good, all you can do is grunt in the direction of what’s missing."

Love is Love

"I have a bizarre knack for blurting out dark realities of life when I’m around children."
At Large

AWP Farewell: Penguin Poets, Adult Bedtime Stories and the Hugo House Cocktail Party

Reflections on the book fair and a final day of literary gallivanting.
At Large

AWP Off-roading at Linda’s, Hugo House and Chop Suey

One writer's foray into the off-site conference mayhem.
Creative Writing

Objects in Motion

We lost the dog. Well, you lost her. Janet, the Machiavellian collie next door whose bum hip made her strut with the obscene sway of a seasoned prostitute. From the moment she walked into our house, a constant sardonic gleam sprang from her eyes, as...

First Snow

"Always work your con in your mark’s blind spot.” Sam Foster, an adolescent delinquent from down the street, was doling out advice on how to pinch wallets at my Aunt Rosalie’s annual Christmas Eve party in 1990. The crowd was a hodgepodge of...

Beauty and the Burning Beast

It was a stunning day for flesh and arson. Burning Beast, in its fifth meat-soaked year, is a food festival fundraiser where local culinary crush Tamara Murphy (Terra Plata, Elliot Bay Café) rounds up some of Seattle’s best chefs, assigns each one...
Creative Writing

Anatomy Lesson

PleaseLet me tell you the biggest smallest thing.When that summer uncurledI did not know how to sayYour mouth is a cabin I want to move into. The topography of skin is a museum of accidents:Miscalculations with knives and time and sidewalks,Jumped by...