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Finish This Masterpiece or Look for a Job

If you're an artist, you double your odds of unemployment. Local artists reveal how they're coping in our Hard Times Survival Guide. Read online via our Seattle issue this month.

Finish This Masterpiece or Look for a Job?

Artist Trust surveys the economic state of creative types — part of our Hard Times Survival Guide series. Professional artists are the last hired and first fired — and twice as likely as non-artists to be unemployed, according to the National...

Happy Hour to the Rescue

More from our Hard Times Survival Guide: Theatres lure younger crowds with cheap tickets and free booze, not just to earn money today but to guarantee an audience tomorrow. Illustration by Andrew Saeger for City Arts The economic clouds continue to...

The Rise of Hallway Gallery

Erik Hall and Amy Spassov run a remarkable Bellevue gallery. it’s hard to find, but their luck may be changing thanks to the promise of a new space. Our reporter talked to them about the future of the Bellevue arts scene and what “grit” might...

The Muse and the Mall

Shopping, loneliness and the glory of a kids' museum. A dog waits for its owner in Factoria Mall's parking lot | photo by Greg Plumis Factoria Mall exists inside the faintly beating heart of a Bellevue interurban area known for its concentration of...