J.A.A. is a gay, male writer living and working in Seattle. He is also the author of Your Crooked Neighbor, an autobiographical series created exclusively for our online Ampersand section. The author has several, specific personality traits and hails from a particular place in the United States. He likes things. Also: other things. He hopes to remain anonymous as the author of this series, though not in life.

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Your Crooked Neighbor: Part 6

Two Parks “Who gives his heart away too easily must have a heart under his heart.” -James Richardson Justin called twice in the week after the party. I made excuses – I was writing, I was tired from work. I did not know what to say to him....
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Your Crooked Neighbor: Part 5

The Gays “A party?” “Saturday,” Justin said. “10pm. Say you’ll come.” Why was I nervous? “What kind of party?” “Games, drinks, food. Some work friends will be there, bar friends, friend-friends. And you.” My face often gives...
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Your Crooked Neighbor: Part 4

The Rabbit Hole Picture it – the early 2000s. A pleasant, cool night at a small, liberal arts college with a practically non-existent frat row and half-assed sports following. I, only dimly aware that I may not be straight, and a female friend of a...
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Your Crooked Neighbor: Part 3

Don’t Tell Me How It Ends I showed up a few minutes early at Victrola, the hipster coffee shop on 15th Ave., ordered a drink, and flipped through The Stranger. I always went immediately to the “I Saw U” section of the personals. Is there...
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Your Crooked Neighbor: Part 2

Puke and Rally For those who have never been, the bar known as Purr is a narrow, dark, expensive, loud, neon-lit, glossy photograph-filled calendar of gay centerfolds and their admirers. If it sounds like a terrible place to meet someone, that’s...
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Your Crooked Neighbor: Part 1

Madison Beach, or As We Join Our (Anti)Hero There is a gay section to Madison Beach, a feature I should have noted on my own, but I can be dense. I went to lay my towel on the south end and Thomas, my boyfriend, looked like he’d just been...