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The Curator’s Eye: Mavi Contemporary Art Gallery

Out of the Ashes The closure of the much-loved Two Vaults Gallery earlier this year was viewed by most as a tragedy for the local arts community. Where others saw an end, though, Mavi and Elizabeth Ashe saw a beginning: an opportunity to fulfill a...

The Rake: Go Broke

Heather Kirnak learns the key to free art from a cash-strapped student. Proactively spiting the economy’s brutal attempts to withhold the world of art from the cash strapped, Western Washington University-based “TAFÉ” (rhymes with...

The Rake: This Time You’re Not Alone

Dating can be expensive. Dating someone who loves the arts is even more so, but the budding romance of fall beckons and the arts are in bloom, so you’ve got to do something to avoid a lonely winter. To help you out we’ve planned a few dates –...