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Curator’s Eye: On Line

Selected by Otto Youngers, Curator, Sea-Tac International Airport The use of lines is ever present in Karen's work, an expansive body, including paintings, prints, photographs, letterpress and mixed media. Delicately inscribed or sensitively applied...

Curator’s Eye: Lost and Found

Selected by Michael Sweney, Art Dealer and Independent Curator Describing Marc Dombrosky’s work to the uninitiated can be difficult. He . . . what? Collects scraps of paper from the street? And embroiders over the author’s hand-drawn marks. Why?...

Curator’s Eye: The Rebirth of Venus

Venus Series, 2006, Glass, Mica, Enamel. 28”x16”. Selected by Liz Cepanec, Visiting Artist Program Manager Curatorial Department, Museum of Glass Diane Hansen’s art is a blend of feminine energy and classic beauty. Her childhood art...

3 x 2

Three pairs of creative collaborators who are South Sound originals Michael Lent and Jared-Pappas Kelley Partners in life and work, Michael Lent and Jared-Pappas Kelley are video artists and arts entrepreneurs. They founded ArtRod, a nonprofit...

Pickers’ Paradise

A celebration of bluegrass and beyond, Wintergrass is an acclaimed music festival and a great place to make friends. On a Thursday evening in late February, the crowds begin to gather in the lobby of the Sheraton Tacoma Hotel. Look at the lobby...

Curator’s Eye: In Thin Air

Dream Suspended, 2006, Porcelain, Neon Wire, AC Driver, Wood. 108 x 88 x 56 in. Installation at Kittredge Gallery. Selected by Esther Luttikhuizen, Gallery Director, Kittredge Gallery, University of Puget Sound I find Yuki Nakamura’s artwork...

The Florida Report

Jeroen Oerlemans Fotografie Guru of urban reformation and author of the best-selling Rise of the Creative Class, Richard Florida returns to Tacoma, September 21-22, where he wowed ‘em as keynote speaker at the Chamber of Commerce’s annual meeting...

Curator’s Eye: Hunger Artist

PB&J, 2001, Mixed Media, 48 x 74 inches, Private Collection Selected by Lani Ladbon, University of Washington-Tacoma Gallery Bret creates work that’s visually stimulating, intriguing and, at the same time, socially conscious. Is it necessary for...

We Are Family

With an approach centered on building community, the downtown School of the Arts is improving overall student performance while encouraging creativity. On Elise Clark’s second day at her new high school, the sophomore was surprised to find herself...