Chason Gordon is a writer whose work has appeared in Nerve, Thought Catalog and The Capitol Hill Times, where he is a reporter and humor columnist. He currently lives in Seattle, but is on a month-to-month lease. You may find less of him at

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Magma Fest Begins

The month-long city-wide festival brings something for the weirdos.
At Large

McGinn: Decent Docent

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn showed off his favorite works at SAM during an ongoing guest tour-guide program.

Please Watch Your Step

Sand sculptures are at the same place where comic book movies were in the ‘90s, before Christopher Nolan came along and took the form seriously.

So Ominous, So Alluring

What’s up with the ZymoGenetics building? The smokestacks poke the horizon over Eastlake Avenue, rising above tall green windows encased in a stoic, stone-colored brick foundation. In front of the hulking edifice is a sleek silver sign:...

Square Root

Unearthing a delicious American subculture at The Rootbeer Store. When the fragrance hits you, you can’t help smiling like a child. Vanilla and molasses and all sorts of earthy roots imbue this place with the sweetest of nostalgic smells. The urge...

Don’t Eat the Architecture

“Whoa…that’s gingerbread?” Stunned reactions are the norm at the Gingerbread Village on display at the Sheraton Hotel downtown. A mother remarked to her captivated son, “If we ate it, it wouldn’t be pretty.” That’s parenting. The...

Pierogi Like Family

Keep your friends close and your dumplings closer. For most of the week, Dom Polski is a clubhouse, the spacious Capitol Hill headquarters of Seattle’s Polish Home Association. On Friday nights, however, the city’s Polish populace opens its doors...

I Am Poutine

A Québécois Searches for Home (Cooking). I left behind many things when I moved from Montreal to Seattle: friends, keys, varied weather. But the thing that hurt me the most, that I abandoned like Willem Dafoe in Platoon, was poutine. Poutine: When...