Charles R. Cross is the author of eight books including Kicking & Dreaming: A Story of Heart, Soul, and Rock ‘N’ Roll, a memoir written with Ann and Nancy Wilson, just out from Harper Collins. Cross was Editor of The Rocket, the Seattle music magazine, from 1986 through 2000. He lives near Seattle and writes for numerous magazines and newspapers.

Recent Articles


Wolf at the Door

Reignwolf—the rabid, guitar-mauling alter ego of Jordan Cook—is this year’s most talked-about Seattle musician. After two decades in music, will the Wolf lead to Cook’s big break? It’s 10 minutes before Jordan Cook is set to walk onstage at...

A Good Story

Hemingway's Curse At a recent symposium I attended, the talk backstage among my fellow authors included the usual chatter about movie options, overly aggressive agents and the continued struggles of the independent bookstores we love. Yet when we...

About an Olympia Boy

Still six years away from making himself an immortal celebrity martyr, Kurt Cobain lived with his girlfriend in a tiny $137.50-a-month apartment, shaping the organized confusion that was his life and art. Excerpted from the book Cobain Unseen by...

Here (Again) Are the Sonics

When the Greatest Rock Band Ever goes back into the studio after forty years, the raw, eardrum-splitting sound is, astoundingly . . . the same. Illustration by Akiko Kato On a quiet Sunday in the first months of 2008, I walked into a Seattle...