Brett Hamil is a standup comic, writer, cartoonist and political commentator. He performs at clubs and festivals all over the U.S. and Canada and hosts a live political comedy talk show at Northwest Film Forum, The Seattle Process, where he interviews politicans, activists and artists. Hamil lives in the southend with his wife, two weird-looking dogs and a baby.

Recent Articles

Hamil with Care

What Are White Dudes Like Me So Angry About?

Of all the things to rebel against, the most crucial is the space you occupy.
Hamil with Care

Susan Hutchison’s Civil Disobedience

A future account of the GOP chair's brave acts of resistance against the “millionaire tax."
Creative Writing

Mutiny on the Escape Ship

An onboard account of the billionaires’ thwarted getaway.
Hamil with Care

What Do All Comics Have in Common?

We've got plenty of good comics. We need more good people.
Hamil with Care

Totem Star and ‘The Resistance Mixtape’

"Before you’re an artist, you’re a human, and Totem Star teaches you how to do that."
Hamil with Care


Pepé Le Pew x 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'
Hamil with Care

The Mind Behind the Stories: Q&A with Kevin Allison

The host of the popular ‘Risk!’ storytelling podcast talks triggers and truth.
Hamil with Care

‘Mixtape Marauders’: Q&A with Megan Leonard and Peter Edlund

The filmmakers on musical obsession and their new short film at SIFF.

Video Premiere: “War Cry” by Warren Dunes

A musical Voltron confronts the current political reality.
Hamil with Care

‘Decent Don’ and the Pitfalls of Presidential Satire

Finding new ways to lampoon the worst person in the world.