Brett Hamil is a standup comic, writer, cartoonist and political commentator. He performs at clubs and festivals all over the U.S. and Canada and hosts a live political comedy talk show at Northwest Film Forum, The Seattle Process, where he interviews politicans, activists and artists. Hamil lives in the southend with his wife, two weird-looking dogs and a baby.

Recent Articles

Hamil with Care

A List of Forbidden Words

Mess with the goose and you’ll get bitten.

Meet the Mayor’s Arts Award Winners: Seattle Music Partners

SMP provides instruments, instruction and mentorships to low-income students in the Central District.
Hamil with Care

Alt-Right Warriors Retreat to Safe Spaces

The hilarious and instructive failstory of "free speech alternative" PewTube.

Fremont’s Lenin Enters the Statue Debate

Far away from the former Confederacy, there’s still much historical reckoning to be done here.
Hamil with Care

Fatigue Break

Bad celebrity impersonators, the genius of Jason Bateman, a terrible cat and more.
Hamil with Care

Sweet Tooth for Low-Hanging Fruit

Dave Chappelle, trans jokes and bad first takes.
Hamil with Care

Alternatives to the Blue Angels

Some thoughtful suggestions for a compromise.
Hamil with Care

Standup is a Hall of Mirrors

Testing the tensile strength of the human ego with comedy.
Creative Writing

Sniffin’ Around with Biscuit

A column for dogs, by a dog. As told to Brett Hamil.