Brett Hamil is a standup comic, writer, cartoonist and political commentator. He performs at clubs and festivals all over the U.S. and Canada and hosts a live political comedy talk show at Northwest Film Forum, The Seattle Process, where he interviews politicans, activists and artists. Hamil lives in the southend with his wife, two weird-looking dogs and a baby.

Recent Articles


Q&A with Derek Sheen

You’re recording your first ever standup comedy CD at the Comedy Underground June 7-10. Why? It's the very first Comedy Club I ever set foot in. I was 13 years old, I took the bus back and forth from Auburn to do the open mic and I was absolutely...

Public Ridicule: Nerd Pride

Hey nerd, let's talk. I bet you’re feeling pretty good about yourself, what with society's near-total acquiescence to your emotionally stunted, morally simplistic brand of entertainment. I bet it feels like everything’s comin' up nerd. Your...

Punch Pod comedy podcast

A comedy open mic can be a traumatic experience, fraught with more pathos than an Arthur Miller play. If you’re not accustomed to seeing people fail publicly and resoundingly, watching a couple dozen Willie Lomans mount the stage to peddle their...

“Sonics Guy,” alter ego of Comedy Underground’s Kris Brannon

When the Sonics left Seattle to become the Oklahoma Thunder, we became a city of the dumped. Our franchise left us for another city, one who treats her better and loves her more. And now, with the Thunder a serious playoff contender, every jilted...

Getting Real with Comedy Duo Travis Vogt and Kevin Clarke

Brett Hamil talks to filmmakers / sketch comedy duo Travis Vogt and Kevin Clarke, who reveal how a formative experience from their childhood deeply influenced how they make their movies.

Public Ridicule: Your Stupid Moustache

What’s with the novelty facial hair? When did this become a thing to do, festooning your upper lip like a Dr. Seuss landscape, like a cross-section of Coolio’s scalp? Am I on Pike Street, or did I just wander into the casting call for a Snidely...

Your Stupid Bike

Recumbent bicyclists. Have you seen these guys? Weaving through traffic in those ridiculous contraptions with their little safety-orange flags flapping knee-high to an SUV? Did the inventor of the recumbent bike think to himself, “I love biking, but...

There Will Be Ham

When you’re the son of a Southern preacher and you move to the other side of the country and end up marrying a Jew who has never celebrated Christmas, you get to make the holiday into an occasion specifically crafted to your liking. There’s no...