Since she began as an intern before the launch of City Arts Tacoma in September 2006, Bond Huberman occupied almost all manner of desks at Encore Media Group headquarters.
Most recently, as the online/managing editor, Bond’s contributions straddled our online and print platforms. While she managed all of City Arts’ online content, contributed to and edited the City Arts Blog, she still wrote regularly for the magazine and curated Ampersand, our literary section. If you want to get to know her really well, check out the weekly humor column she wrote for the blog called Illuminating Things.
A graduate of the University of Washington’s creative writing MFA program, Bond “cheated” by writing a non-fiction thesis to complete the fiction graduation requirement. She has been privileged to teach writing at the University of Washington, North Seattle Community College and the girls’ Arts Connect program in Tacoma. She has also been published in Arcade and Crosscurrents literary journal. Finally, Bond is cofounder of a nonprofit performance arts group, The Heroes, which has produced several interdisciplinary arts events in Seattle.
After over four years of writing, reporting and editing with us, Bond decided to cut herself loose from the manager’s desk and pursue a more writing-centric, freelance career, starting in January 2011. If you’re interested in staying in touch, find her on Facebook or Twitter (@bondhuberman).
Image: Bond in Texas, circa 1989

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