Since she began as an intern before the launch of City Arts Tacoma in September 2006, Bond Huberman occupied almost all manner of desks at Encore Media Group headquarters.
Most recently, as the online/managing editor, Bond’s contributions straddled our online and print platforms. While she managed all of City Arts’ online content, contributed to and edited the City Arts Blog, she still wrote regularly for the magazine and curated Ampersand, our literary section. If you want to get to know her really well, check out the weekly humor column she wrote for the blog called Illuminating Things.
A graduate of the University of Washington’s creative writing MFA program, Bond “cheated” by writing a non-fiction thesis to complete the fiction graduation requirement. She has been privileged to teach writing at the University of Washington, North Seattle Community College and the girls’ Arts Connect program in Tacoma. She has also been published in Arcade and Crosscurrents literary journal. Finally, Bond is cofounder of a nonprofit performance arts group, The Heroes, which has produced several interdisciplinary arts events in Seattle.
After over four years of writing, reporting and editing with us, Bond decided to cut herself loose from the manager’s desk and pursue a more writing-centric, freelance career, starting in January 2011. If you’re interested in staying in touch, find her on Facebook or Twitter (@bondhuberman).
Image: Bond in Texas, circa 1989

Recent Articles


Hard Times

A movie conceived and made in Tacoma, Limbo, is based on real events: Joe Rosati, one of the film’s co-creators (along with Mike Winfrey, Nick Snapp and Ben Warner), attempts—and fails—to open a nightclub in T-Town. He finds solace hanging with...

Questions for Derek Young

Since May 2005, Derek Young, a man of many “little projects,” is the blogger who drives the popular forum, promoting lively discussion among lively Tacomans, online and off. Is Exit 133’s success specific to Tacoma? It’s...

Not Dead Yet

Kulture Lab is an art space dedicated to unpredictability and impermanence. Dada for our time. Happenings, plus! Its founders, James Hume, Jim Price, Jeff Olson, Rob Anderson and James Bender, call themselves the Dead Artists. They operate out of the...

The Graffiti Paradox

Encroaching urban blight or the flowering of creativity in the public forum? Criminals or the new painters of the Tacoma renaissance? The writing on the wall, a graphic sign of the times, is subbornly hard to read. Clone Roc and Auraswon are members...

What Was Your Wow! Moment in Culture Last Year?

Bryan Willis, Playwright in Residence, Tacoma Actors Guild The “Theatre, Community and Collaboration” conference at the University of Puget Sound. There were readings, workshops and a superb roundtable discussion with working artists and UPS...

Castle Keep

The party’s over and the place looks great. But does anybody wonder about the price paid for Stadium High? The grand reopening of Stadium High School in September, following a two-year extreme makeover, was a full-fledged media event, attracting...

You Should Be Dancing

To help kick off his year’s Art at Work Month, MLKBallet ( will perform the second installment in its series of dance programs entitled “Move!” If you missed the first one, here’s that second chance life doesn’t often provide....

Gifts From the Margins

Want to do some good while shopping for gifts this holiday season? Buy and give outsider art. ArtRod’s new gallery, Critical Line (741 St. Helens, 253.444.2741), is exhibiting — and selling — the work of homeless artists in a show called...

Causes Célèbres

Tacoma Symphony This is an anniversary year for concert music in Tacoma. A triple anniversary celebration is in progress, in fact, with the Northwest Sinfonietta in its 15th year, the Tacoma Symphony Orchestra marking its 60th and the Tacoma...

Six Questions for a Young Playwright

Nate Harpel received a degree in theatre from Western Washington University and came to Tacoma to launch his career. His play, Zero Divided By Zero, will be read on September 11th as part of the Tacoma Actors Guild’s New Plays in Performance series...