With this issue, Bill Carty takes over the City Arts literary beat. Bill is the author of the chapbook Refugium, and his poems have appeared in Poetry Northwest, Octopus, Pinwheel and Sixth Finch. A 2013–14 Poetry Fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Mass., he teaches at Edmonds Community College and the Richard Hugo House. 

Recent Articles


Bounding Sphere

"Better luck next year, we said..."

Growing ‘Moss’

An online literary journal embraces and elevates the idea of a Northwest publication.

Poetry, War and Wikipedia

The debut novel from Seattle writers Christopher Robinson and Gavin Kovite depicts the vastly differing experiences of two friends during the Iraq War.
At Large

A Children’s Game Turned Global Art Phenomenon

Five Washington artists on the tension, inspiration and cumulative power of "Telephone: An International Arts Experiment."

‘Void and Compensation’ with Michael Morse

The poet talks King Lear, baseball greats and a first book ten years in the making.

“The Poetics of Liquid”

A primer on poet Terrance Hayes, speaking tonight at Chihuly Garden and Glass.
At Large

The Project Room’s Next Chapter

How new director Tia Kramer and editor Tessa Hulls are charting a path for The Project Room's future.
Book of the Month

Book of the Month: ‘Call Me Home’ by Megan Kruse

Megan Kruse's debut novel gives an episodic perspective on abuse and its ramifications, both internal and external.

Timothy Donnelly and Catachresis

"Exercising language's elasticity is like a yoga for the mind."

Erasure, Deception and ‘Correcting’ the Banal

Nothing's off-limits in Amaranth Borsuk and Andy Fitch's poetry project 'As We Know.'


From March 24 - 29, indie lit breaks loose at the 
APRIL festival.
Around Town

Poetry in Public

With Open Books and APRIL, Bill Carty explores the appeal of two very different public book clubs.