Amanda Manitach is the visual arts editor of City Arts magazine. She is also an artist and co-founder at The Factory, an art gallery and event space in Capitol Hill’s Pike/Pine corridor.

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Guide to Art Fair Weekend: Aug. 2–5

Whether you’re a hardcore patron, casual collector or just in it for the aesthetic stimulation, touring the art fair and the whirlwind of satellite art world happenings is a must.

A Site-Responsive Exhibition Explores Identity

Some 20 artworks are being installed across San Juan Island in a show titled 'Becoming American.'

Preserving History: Chieko Phillips on ‘Lore Re-Imagined’

"An object can tell a thousand stories, so what lenses do we use to tell those stories?"
Sketchbook Porn

Genevieve St. Charles’s Unrelenting, Eye-Popping Nastiness

"Because my innermost perverted weirdo is on display through my sketches, sharing my sketchbook is one of the most intimate things I can do.”

SODO Track Mural Project Nears Completion

On July 15, 20 local and international artists begin a 10-day burst of painting to complete the mural project that runs along the train tracks parallel to 4th Ave S.
Style Profile

Briq House Has a Look for Every Hustle

Ms. Briq House is a burlesque performer/teacher/producer, intuitive intimacy instructor and motivational speaker.

The Trees Give Up Their Secrets

Eirik Johnson’s 'PINE' illuminates a peculiar kind of graffiti: messages carved into the living bark of trees
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Artistic Polymath Shaun Kardinal

An illuminating peek inside the mind and practice of the artist and developer.
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Gold, Gold, Gold

Zakaria Ibrahimi conjures sartorial magic.
Cover Story

Ethical Aesthetics

Davora Lindner revolutionizes art and fashion at Prairie Underground.
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Margie Livingston Sketches With Earth

Margie Livingston drags canvases for miles, allowing the grit of the city to inscribe its mark. Take a look inside the artist's fascinating process.
Sketchbook Porn

Adam One’s Fantastical Amalgamations

"My practice moves with the inertia that is catalyzed in these pages; my sketchbook is how I think."