Here Come the 2018 Spring Art Walk Awards!

Way back in 2010, artist Joey Veltkamp and Jake Newman (then associate publisher at City Arts) came up with an idea to blast the spotlight on Seattle’s many neighborhood art walks, giving people a chance to celebrate the innovative work being shown while putting a little extra cash in the hands of artists. Originally called the “Best Of Art Walk Awards,” the first year of the Art Walk Awards took place in Pioneer Square, led by Veltkamp with a rotating crew of guest judges that included Marisa C. Sánchez, Yoko Ott, Gretchen Bennett, Sharon Arnold, Cable Griffith, Mike Pham, Jason Hirata and Wynne Greenwood. In those early days, the event was an after party for First Thursday that took place at the Hideout, where the crowd cast votes for their favorite pieces.

The Art Walk Awards have evolved a lot since then—moving from Pioneer Square to Capitol Hill, Belltown and Capitol Hill again. On Thursday, April 5, the awards return to the Square, for a bigger-than-ever event at AXIS, featuring more artwork, more artists and one more guest judge, too. As always, there will be drinks, music, revelry and voting. The top three artworks will receive cash prizes and the first-place artwork will be featured in the May issue of City Arts. So join us after you check out the First Thursday shows. Winners are announced at 9:30 p.m.

This event is by invitation only. Join our email list to receive an invitation.

In the meantime, meet this quarter’s lineup of guest judges and look forward to the unveiling of their nominations in the coming days!


Angelina Villalobos, pseudonym 179 grew up in Seattle, Washington within a mosaic of cultures and ideas. Having been raised Americanized Mexican Catholic, Angelina’s work mixes the iconography of Catholicism with pop culture to folklore. This union, influenced by being raised in the Pacific Northwest in the the ’90s is an intimate exemplification of her personal pursuit of understanding the world around her.


Philippe Hyojung Kim grew up in a small town outside of Nashville, and moved to Washington about five years ago. Philippe often experiments with various materials and mediums, in response to his immediate surroundings to create poured paint-made objects that exist in the space between painting and sculpture. His work often references queer identity, artificiality and language while refraining from traditional figurative representation. Philippe is one of this year’s artists-in-residence at Recology Cleanscapes in Seattle, a member of SOIL Artist-Run Gallery and a co-founder/curator of Specialist, an experimental art space/gallery in Tashiro-Kaplan building. In addition to his art practice, he teaches design and art history courses at Seattle Central College. Philippe received his MFA in Painting from Central Washington University, and he currently lives in Seattle with his husband, Drew, and their dog, Jack. Photo Credit: Stephanie Cheng


Colleen Louise Barry is an artist and writer based in Seattle. She runs the interdisciplinary publishing project, small press book shop, and installation gallery Mount Analogue, and is the editor at Gramma Poetry.


Born in Tacoma, Christopher Paul Jordan integrates virtual and physical public space to form infrastructures for dialogue and self-determination among dislocated people. Jordan’s paintings and sculptures are artifacts from his work in community and time-capsules for expanded inquiry. Jordan’s work has been recognized by the 2017 Neddy Artists Award for painting, the Jon Imber Painting Fellowship, the GTCF Foundation of Art Award, the James W Ray Venture Project Award, and the most recent summer commission for Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park.