See It This Week

The Clientele at Neumos, ‘Cheers’-inspired theatre, Brandon Vosika’s morbidly funny paintings, femme-forward performance at Gay City Arts

Head Band

Monday, Nov. 6

Cold Soda, Head Band, Ex Licks

Among the last bastions of old Capitol Hill (remember 2012??) is Pettirosso, the cozy, low-key cafe-bar that on Monday nights transforms into a raucous rock club. Tonight Petti hosts Head Band, an addictive choogle-rock quartet whose debut 45 landed in this month’s Attractive Singles. Headliners Cold Soda are basically the Cave Singers plus a bassist and Ex Licks plays good-times bar punk. Right place, right sound, right vibe. —Jonathan Zwickel
Cafe Pettirosso

Monday, Nov. 6 – Wednesday, Nov. 8


I’ve been laughing about the press release for Marcus Gorman’s play Deers for months, and this week is our last chance to see his answer to the question What if Cheers was about a bunch of drunk animals instead of drunk humans? It’s formatted as a live sitcom set in a tavern in the Cascades “where every bunny knows your name.” LOL. —Gemma Wilson
Annex Theatre

Thursday, Nov. 9

The Clientele, EZTV

The Clientele’s catalog, by sheer fortuitous accident, was the soundtrack for every ebb, flow and fragment of an intense romance I ended about a year ago. There’s something about the British band’s exquisitely crafted pop that nails it all. This is their first Seattle gig in seven years. They’re luminous live. —Tony Kay

Thursday, Nov. 9

Paintings I Painted

Brandon Vosika’s paintings are funny, crude and cartoonish like Cocteau and laced with references to the Old World (Greek vibes, little easter-egg details snatched from a visit to Versailles, homages to Rodin). He’s obsessed with mortality, deathy stuff and nostalgia for things past and passed, but the look of Vosika’s work keeps his morbidity fresh-faced and laughter-provoking.  —Amanda Manitach
The Factory

Thursday, Nov. 9 – Sunday, Nov. 12

A Certain Type of Brilliance

When a group of artists has limited time to create new work, the results can be mixed, but I’m betting that A Certain Type of Brilliance won’t let viewers down. Each performance will feature a unique cast, who created their new piece in the 24 hours prior, and Brilliance’s star-studded line-up of femme creatives—Amber Flame, Angel Alviar-Langley, Imani Sims and more—is sure to produce great work. —Barry Johnson
Calamus Auditorium at Gay City

Friday, Nov. 10 – Saturday, Nov. 11

Mark Normand

Mark Normand is a slyly subversive joke writer from New York who’s got some real gems. He manages to tread boundaries in a way that’s more about his honest regular-dude thought processes than an attempt to push buttons. It’s a fine line to walk, and he does it ably. —Brett Hamil
Laughs Comedy Club

Friday, Nov. 10 – Saturday, Nov. 11

Eight Abigails

While watching The Crucible at ACT, I kept wishing for a story in which Abigail Williams is not a manipulative villain, but a woman reclaiming power in an unimaginably repressive society. Dance artist Kaitlin McCarthy (who, full disclosure, writes for this magazine) is bringing her talents to bear on that character with her piece Eight Abigails, and I’m excited to see where she goes.  —Gemma Wilson
Velocity Dance Center

Saturday, Nov. 11

Shallow Lenses, Sons of Rainier, Bryan John Appleby

I’ve been a fan of the telepathic harmonies and classic songwriting of brothers Michael and Matthew Gervais for seven years, thanks to the pop magic of their previous band Curtains for You. They’re back in a new band, Shallow Lenses, with their songwriting in full flower and drummer extraordinaire Faustine Hudson providing the backbeat.  —Tony Kay
The Sunset