“Is This Christmas”

Kris Orlowski and Hollis Wong-Wear partner on a bittersweet holiday tune.

Someone’s gotta fire up the Christmas-music machine so it might as well be us. At least we have a true-to-life song and cozy-warm video premiere to kick things off.

Kris Orlowski, one of our favorite voices in Seattle, pairs with the ever-alluring Hollis Wong-Wear on “Is This Christmas,” a bittersweet tune about longing for presence more than presents during the holiday season. The video, directed by photographer Eratosthenes Fackenthall, was shot in the rustic Georgetown Ballroom and is lit with the sort of liquid-white twinkle that reminds us of bygone festivities.

The older we get, the more mixed emotions are roused by traditional celebrations and this song zeros in on that very adult ambivalence the holidays can bring. Check it out below.