Photo by Lauren Max

Keri Scherbring creates the rainbow.

WHO Keri Scherbring, aka Hair Lizard, the 28-year-old stylist, hair-colorist, artist and owner of Taffy, a salon specializing in creative hair color and color corrections. Scherbring grew up in a small town near Omaha, Neb., where having rainbow locks as a kid made her “a bit of a spectacle.” She arrived in the Northwest four years ago after a road trip to Seattle left an indelible impression. Scherbring takes hair inspiration from art, cartoons, comics, nature and even fast food ads. And, yes, there’s always plenty of taffy on hand for customers.

THE LOOK “It ranges from Japanese Lolita to ‘crayon glam’ to the Seattle uniform of all black—which happens to also be the hairstylist uniform because I ruin all of my nice clothes with hair color. My most notable trademark is, of course, hair color, which changes almost every two weeks because I’m fickle. I call it ‘mood hair’ because it truly changes with my thoughts and impulses. I don’t think I have ever evolved from the fashion I liked when I was in kindergarten. Basically anything an energetic, colorful kindergarten girl would wear is my jam.”

ICONS Scherbring often sources style ideas from Instagram, including @casperblaise, @charlinebataille, @prettypuke, @htmlflowers and @sebastienfougere. Also: “My friends, who are all extremely fashionable. Other notable influences include Sneaker Pimps, female punk bands, Peggy Noland and Seth Bogart, Jem, Hello Kitty, Sailor Moon and Harajuku street fashion.”

UP NEXT In addition to expanding Taffy’s booming business (Scherbring envisions a future space that incorporates DIY art and music events), Scherbring is committed to doing community work; she recently released an edition of “pussy pins” to raise money for Planned Parenthood, collected donations for local shelter Mary’s Place and has offered haircuts for homeless teens.