Calls for Artists: Compiled by Brett Hamil

A series of calls for creatives around the city.

Public sculpture
The South Lake Union Development Group is looking for an artist to create a site-specific outdoor public sculpture in the booming tech corridor of South Lake Union. The artwork must blend in completely with its surroundings but also serve as a focal point and signature landmark for the area. The piece will reference the traditions, culture and history of the neighborhood, reflecting the many changes it’s gone through since its founding in 2013.

Lead instructor/Grantwriter
The Pan Flute Foundation is dedicated to promoting public awareness of the sweet, soothing sounds of the pan flute. Candidate should have at least 12 years’ professional experience on the pan flute, reliable transportation, ample rehearsal space and be able to provide additional pan flutes for students. Could lead to other gigs. Call Hazel: (206) 661-5876.

Portrait painter/Retoucher
I have a portrait of my grandfather hanging in the den and his eyes follow you around the room. It’s highly unnerving. I need an experienced painter who can fix his eyes so they don’t do that. You’re probably thinking, “Why doesn’t he just take the painting down?” Well, it was a condition of my eccentric mother’s will that the painting hang there in perpetuity. It’s started to become a problem. My daughter is afraid to have sleepovers and my wife now avoids that side of the house entirely. Will pay $150 OBO to any painter who can put grandpa’s eyes to rest.

Affordable housing for artists
In this innovative new public/private partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts, Anheuser-Busch presents the Michelob Ultra smArtHaus, a self-sustaining artists’ commune in the thriving Central District neighborhood of Seattle. This colony of microapartments is powered by  turbines installed in each of the UltraLofts, which the artists themselves pedal for a portion of their day to produce 100% “green” heat, water and electricity. Participants will be filmed in all public and private areas of the building for use in a series of web ads and documercials. All art created in smArtHaus will be property of Anheuser-Busch. Must sign nondisclosure agreement and liability waiver. Send headshots, swimsuit photo, one photo of your art and proof of valid ID.

Theatrical ensemble needed
Seeking experienced actors to play banquet servers for a large wedding scene in a one-time immersive theatrical performance at a small Unitarian church near Seattle. Actors will arrive in costume and in character and follow a series of prompts for 3-4 hours. Must have Food Worker Card and Alcohol Server Permit. Improv training a plus. Pay: $100 and a meal.