See It This Week

Bounce queen Big Freedia, Clyde Petersen at BAM, ‘Juan Palmieri,’ SIFF’s Italian film festival, ‘Matilda the Musical’ and more

Merch and Destroy

Monday, Nov. 4

The Fog

If you’re not quite ready to let Halloween go (me neither), get thee to the Film Forum to see John Carpenter’s atmospheric 1980 vengeful-ghost story on a big screen. It’s one of the veteran genre auteur’s most underrated movies. —Tony Kay
Northwest Film Forum

Tuesday, Nov. 6

Big Freedia, Tank and the Bangas

Big Freedia is the undisputed queen of bounce, the raucous, raunchy and, frankly, irresistible style of New Orleans hip-hop that pulses like an industrial rivet gun set to “funk.” On stage she’s a genderfluid drill sergeant and her shows are dance floor-based basic training. NOLA upstarts Tank & the Bangas’ mellifluous, intimate jazz-funk-pop has taken the colorful young crew from the street corners of Treme to the global stage. —Jonathan Zwickel
Neptune Theatre

Tuesday, Nov. 6

Johnny Yuma, Here Comes the Hooch, Chance to Steal, Zelda Starfire

Zelda Starfire’s a wild-haired cowpunk hellion who sounds sorta like Dolly Parton several whiskeys in, about to kick the shit out of Hasil Adkins. Here Comes the Hooch bash out wonderfully hooky, heavy sludge rock on laughing gas. Minneapolis trio Johnny Yuma headline with a winning album-rock/fuzz-blues/Americana hybrid. Yeah, it’s a school night. Go anyway. —Tony Kay
High Dive

Thursday, Nov 8

Merch and Destroy: An Exhibition by Clyde Petersen with Darius X

Veteran road-dog Clyde Petersen has slept on more hard floors, shivered in more smelly green rooms and lugged more overstuffed totes of unsold merch than any five bands combined. Merch and Destroy is his homage to the squalor and glory of that touring life, with lifesize cardboard mock-ups of a band-on-the-road’s two main haunts—the tour van and the green room. Let’s hope he didn’t go as far as scenting the installation. —Dan Paulus
Bellevue Arts Museum

Thursday, Nov. 8

Raica, Hair & Space Museum, Panabrite, Leo Mayberry

Raica, aka ambient-electronic producer Chloe Harris, makes music too inscrutable to try to describe; it’s a feeling, both soothing and uneasy, mysterious and oblique. Panabrite’s subtle, cinematic productions could suitably soundtrack a planetarium experience in 1979 or 9999. Time-warping duo Hair & Space Museum’s electric guitars and ethereal vocals are perhaps more conventional than their cohorts’ electronic instrumentation but their music is no less entrancing. —Jonathan Zwickel
Chapel Performance Space

Thursday, Nov. 8 – Sunday, Nov. 11

Juan Palmieri

This is the first-ever English production of Antonio Larreta’s play Juan Palmieri, presented by Thriving Artists and helmed by company founder Arlene Martínez-Vázquez, who also translated. Set in Uruguay, 1968, the play personalizes the violent Latin American revolt against capitalism and imperialism that led to the incarceration, death or disappearance of some 10,000 people between 1968–1985. Dramatic, important stuff. Runs through Nov. 18. —Gemma Wilson
ACT Theatre

Thursday, Nov. 8 – Sunday, Nov. 11

Cinema Italian Style

SIFF’s annual Italian film festival celebrates its 10th anniversary with a week of contemporary Italian dramas, comedies, documentaries and thrillers. Particularly intriguing is Sebastiano Mauri’s candy-colored Fairytale, the gender-bending story of a 1950s American housewife played by male actor Filippo Timi. The over-the-top set and disregard for reality (the woman’s dog is a stuffed animal) promises an imaginative cinematic exploration. Continues through Nov. 15. —Kaitlin McCarthy
SIFF Cinema Uptown

Thursday, Nov. 8 – Sunday, Nov. 11


If you need a mental break that’s happy but not Hallmark-level hokey, check out Matilda the Musical; it’s Roald Dahl filtered through the bizarro brain of composer/lyricist Tim Minchin and bookwriter Dennis Kelly. Matilda Wormwood is an unloved, bookish youngster, who also turns out to be telekinetic, and learns to take her life into her own hands. Runs through Dec. 30. —Gemma Wilson
Village Theatre Issaquah

Friday, Nov. 9

Remember Face Vizard Release Party with Guayaba, AJ Suede, Nauticult

Describing Seattle hip-hop duo Remember Face as versatile would be a grave understatement. On Vizard, rapper Chimaroke Abuachi plays multiple parts, taking on the mocking sing-song of a playground bully, the gentle rasp of a lover and the elusive wordplay of a prophet. Producer Andrew Savoie is equally eclectic, incorporating soul samples, industrial synths and new-wave dance beats. —Gabe Pollak
Fred Wildlife Refuge