Letters from Our Readers

Seattle Beats Tacoma?
Just got done reading the David Shields article (“I Could Go On Like This Forever,” July) and skimming through the rest of the City Arts Seattle. I really like it! I don’t know if it has to do with my familiarity with…

How to Write Right: Lay vs. Lie

Advice from our Copyeditor
Had a long day? Feel like laying down? Wait a moment. “Lay” needs a direct object (a person or thing that is the object of the verb’s action). So you don’t lay down, you lay something down: you might lay your…

I Could Go On Like This Forever

To tell the truth, all writing is fiction. Let me explain.
Early excerpts from Reality Hunger: A Manifesto (Knopf) collaged with e-mail correspondence between David Shields and Bond Huberman
David Shields is a prolific author and professor of…

Freelance Living: A Self-Serving Proposal

Funding for the arts has never been simpler: give me all your money.
Always the same three questions from Uncle Leonard, all oddly the same: Do I have a job? No. Do I receive a regular paycheck? No. Am I making a decent living? No again.