“Blown Away” by Head Band

Hey folks, let’s for a moment depart the confounding miasma of contemporary existence to dwell in a temporary paradise of rock ‘n’ roll quintessence. This desktop vacation is provided by Head Band, a quartet of dapper longhairs who’ve perfected a sound and style that dwells outside any conventional timeline. “Blown Away” sounds like 50 years of guitar-gasmic rock refined into three ecstatic minutes, piling hooks on top of hooks like some kinda riff-rock wedding cake, then ending with a luscious crescendo, all built on Jan Norberg’s woozy vocals and Justin Deary’s nimble guitar. It’s one side of Head Band’s sole release, a double-single 45 that features a second, equally righteous tune called “Mountain Time.”

Furthering the psychic holiday of “Blown Away” is its accompanying video, which we’re premiering today. Directed by the multitalented Aykut Ozen, it too exists in a groovy metaverse that includes daring, Parrothead-style fashion choices, Edgar Winter-inspired haircuts, endearing public access-TV effects and a mild dose of loopy psychedelia.  There’s a lot to love about this little rock fantasy. It’s OK to enjoy some time out when it’s packaged with such joyful expertise.

Head Band plays with Howlin’ Rain and David Nance this Saturday at the Sunset Tavern.