Tonight: Peter Waite and Ann Gardner at Winston Wächter Gallery

Waite’s “Arch/Paris”

This evening, from 6-8 p.m., Winston Wächter Gallery is hosting not one, but two art openings. Returning to the gallery for the third time is Peter Waite, a master at painting architectural monuments. In his installation Passages, Waite captures vacant fortresses of every shape and size. Using careful measurements (there is nothing more difficult than drawing a straight line consistently), Waite creates multiple points of perception that give depth to each of his works.

His pieces are apocalyptic in the sense that the viewer feels like they are looking into either a room or a space as the only human inhabitant remaining. What is left of manmade construction glistens in the sun while short slivers of color (what Waite calls “zips”) act as acid rain and covers the concrete, grass and gravel.

Ann Gardner (also making a home out of the gallery for the third time) uses light, volume and pattern in her presentation Point of Time in which she covers complex metal frames with tiny hand cut glass. Hard edges are instantly smooth and fluid-like thanks to light tricks and Gardner’s ability to create illusion from hand tinting the tiny cubes. Her knot sculptures resemble either colorful curled-up snakes or bent bicycle frames that shimmer in golden-hued rust.

Gardner’s “Drawing (flame)”

Both artists will have their work on display until April 21.

Photos courtesy of Winston Wächter Gallery