R E Welch’s New Exhibit Perfect For the Sun Deprived

Jordan’s “Dans les vignes rouges”

Tomorrow, R E Welch Gallery brings sunshine to Seattle in the form of paintings by Lorraine Jordan. Jordan’s oil paintings mimic the landscape of southern France, filled with rolling hills, blooming flowers and field workers basking beneath blue skies. Instantly uplifting, Jordan’s work portrays life in a small village unclouded by industrialization as the community tends to simple tasks using the sun as a guide rather than a stopwatch. Jordan’s paintings emit the same calming sensations you’d feel after a long yoga session and encourage the viewer to accept nature in all its vibrancy.

“Sous le parasol rouge”

In addition to the opening, the gallery will be hosting another Giving Back Thursday event on March 10 where 10% of an art purchase (Jordan’s sunny work will still be on display until the end of the month) will go toward the client’s favorite charity. So, aside from brightening up your home with images of sunshine all year round, you’ll be benefitting someone else during the process.

Photos courtesy of R E Welch