One Pot Contest: The Feast of the Beast

One Pot, brainchild of local culturemaker Michael Hebb, has teamed up with Architecture for Humanity to take “Surf and Turf” to a whole new level. To garner inspiration for an upcoming fundraising dinner in San Francisco, the team is putting out the call for creative minds to design mythical beasts to serve as the impetus for the evening’s menu.

“One Pot and Architecture for Humanity are designing these salons about the future of design, bringing together 30 or 40 leading stakeholders in issues such as global relief architecture,” Hebb says. Field experts, fundraisers and donors attend these salon-style dinners. 

Saturday’s event is the second in a series, each of which Hebb plans to assign themes that relate to the issues being discussed. He credits the mythological beast idea as stemming from his reading of Friedrich Nietzsche’s Birth of Tragedy and the idea of gods, creation and the human relationship to higher beings. 

“I got fascinated by this notion of designing in the mythic,” Hebb says.

To involve the whole design community, AFH and One Pot are hosting a competition calling for graphic designs of mythical beasts that combine creatures from land and sea. Anyone can enter, and the drawings will be judged by a panel including Hebb, Cameron Sinclair (founder of AFH) and Leif Hedendal of Outstanding in the Field, who will also be a chef for the event.

“The winners will be chosen by what seems to be the best design response to the challenge, and who is most able to combine beasts of the land with beasts of the sea in the most evocative fashion,” Hebb explained. “So if the winner is a pig-faced monkfish that eats seaweed, we will be creating a dish based on that.”

After the top designs are chosen, the chefs will descend upon a local San Fran farmer’s market and shop based on the drawings, then prepare the mythical beast feast.

There will be one winner chosen, and a runner-up, both of whom will receive cash prizes and organic chocolate from Theo Chocolates. The winner will also get a seat at the table at a One Pot secret event. Full details here.

Entries must be submitted to by Thursday March 3.