“The New New News” Hits the Stage Tonight

In an age of new media and online information sources such as Twitter and Facebook, the latest news is often only a click away, and the death of print publication looms threateningly on the horizon. This new media, and its effect on print papers and the 24-hour news cycle is the subject of a new play from News Wrights United, the producers the Living Newspaper.

Opening tonight at Olympic Hall at South Seattle Community College, The New New News: A Living Newspaper follows the staff of an online news provider as their primary financer gives them 12 hours to double their website traffic, or face the risk of shutdown. Drawing off The Seattle Times’ Pulitzer award for the paper’s coverage of the Maurice Clemmons manhunt, as well as the up-to-the-minute streaming of information through Twitter, The New New News examines the current state of journalism and the choices writers must make when their livelihood is on the line. 

Written by local playwrights Paul Mullin and Dawson Nichols, The New New News is also set to run at Erickson Hall on Capitol Hill and Stage One Theatre at North Seattle Community College.

All performances are “Pay What You Can” at the door, or $15 for advance reservations

Image Courtesy of News Wrights United.