Fashion Find: Neck Art at Show Pony

While browsing at Show Pony in downtown Fremont the other day, I stumbled across this necklace designed by local label Zerosept. Owner Stephanie Hara keeps her tables filled with the latest trends like Daly Bird’s multi-colored leather drop earrings, soft leggings by Denimocracy and hand knit arm warmers (our very own Mark Baumgarten seems to be sporting a similar pair in the office these days).

Oddly enough, the necklace reminded me of artist Evan Blackwell’s work that I wrote about back during Pioneer Square’s First Thursday Art Walk.

When flipped to its side, Evan Blackwell’s work resembles the wooden Zerosept necklace

Although the honeycomb shapes appear to be glued together, it’s actually one laser-cut piece adorned with a tiny rhinestone for some added glitz. All yours for $75.