Seattle Rep. Unveils New Patron-Run Advertising Tool

Renata Friedman in The K of D, now playing at Seattle Rep.

See a show, post a link, provide a discount. That’s the basic idea behind the Ticket Discount Generator, Seattle Repertory Theatre’s newest post-show addition.

Here’s how it works. Go see a play at The Rep. After the show, an email will appear in your inbox providing you with options for promoting the play via various social networking sites. There is also a link that takes you to the Ticket Discount Generator page. It allows you to create a link with a personalized message inviting your friends to see the same play and get a $5 discount.

Last night I saw The K of D, an urban legend about a girl whose twin brother kisses her before he dies, allegedly passing her the “Kiss of Death”. A mixture of hilarity and subtle creepiness, Renata Friedman’s acting took this urban legend tale to another level. She plays an entire cast of 17 characters, and does so masterfully.

Seattle Rep. is the only theatre in the state of Washington that has the Ticket Discount Generator, and they asked me to be one of the guinea pigs for the new program. After the show I followed the oh-so-easy steps to create my own custom discount link, which I will now share with you:

Click here for discounted K of D tickets.