The SAM Closure Begins!

Sorry folks, it’s closed ’til Feb 16

If you’re thinking about escaping the office to admire a few paintings, you may want to head in the direction of the local galleries rather than some of our biggest art institutions.

Starting today, the downtown SAM, the Seattle Asian Art Museum and the Olympic Sculpture Park Pavilion will lock its doors until February 16 in an effort to save more than $200,000. The two-week closure is part of the plan to help keep this year’s budget balanced despite the overwhelming attendance for the Picasso exhibit that ended a few weeks ago.

While the staff endures the furlough, tourists and art enthusiasts are advised to visit the SAM Gallery (responsible for art sales and rentals) or the outdoor areas in the Sculpture Park. SAM’s website will be fully functioning during the closure as well, so you can still make donations, reserve tickets and become a member.

The lengthy closure is not the only thing happening right now to our cultural hubs. Check out what’s happening to museums in other cities around the state here.