Just Another Weekend for Pickwick: Playing Shows and Making Records

Galen Disston – Vocals – at the Blue Moon

Seattle band Pickwick are a rapidly growing force in the local music community.  Their distinct, solidly soulful approach to indie rock is a welcome sound that most people seem to love instantly.  Pickwick are currently in the process of recording a series of 45s (that’s right – vinyl only) with two songs each, being released at different times.  With the first two records out, the third, “Myths, Vol. 3”, is currently being finished at Kory Kruckenberg’s Seattle recording studio.  I managed to catch up with Pickwick this weekend, first at Blue Moon Tavern for a show, and then at Kory’s studio to check out progress on the new record.

Cassady Lillstrom on keys

 “…it might sound pretty bad up there, so if it starts sounding really shitty, just get really in to it” might not be what most bands say to each other before going on stage at a show, but when a band has nine people ready to squeeze on to a stage in front of a sold out crowd at Blue Moon Tavern, it may be sound advice. Going against their own advice, Pickwick were incredibly energetic on stage – while sounding really, really good.

Michael Parker on guitar

Pickwick’s recording engineer Kory Kruckenberg joins in on the Blue Moon action.

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After a day’s rest from the night at Blue Moon, I traveled over to Kory’s to check out the studio where Pickwick are recording their current record.  When I walk in, Galen is flipping through Kory’s vinyl collection and quizzing him about certain albums.

Soon after the vinyl quiz (which Kory aces, no problem), Michael sits down behind an old Wurlitzer keyboard and begins laying down guitar tracks.  Pickwick take their recording seriously, but know how to have fun doing it.  The whole process is very laid back and comfortable for everyone.


Between takes, Galen and Michael discuss (by yelling through the walls of the house) some of the most important things about making a record, like which minivan purchase will be best for Galen – Dodge Caravan or Chevy Astro Van?

Galen writes lyrics while Michael and Cassady listen to the new tracks.  

Michael and Galen discuss new lyrics while listening to “I Only Have Eyes For You” by the Flamingos, currently one of Michael’s favorite Doo-Wop songs from the 1930s.

This year, Kory was nominated for a “Best Engineered Classical Album” Grammy for a record he did with a local orchestra near Bothell.  Here, he is either scolding Galen for accidentally kicking his $3000 microphone, or is discussing the best bike route from his place to Ballard.

After warming up and gurgling a little warm lemon water, Galen steps up to the mic to record some vocals.

Keep an eye out for “Myths Vol. 3” from Pickwick, which will be finished and available soon.  Upcoming shows include the Tractor Tavern on March 25th and on January 21, they will be playing BARE: A Night of A’Capella Singing at Fremont Abbey with the Maldives, Grand Hallway, Goldfinch and more.