A New Exhibit That is Good Enough to Eat

Half edible half jewelry by Carolyn Tillie

I recommend not walking into jewelry boutique Facèré with an empty stomach today. Located in the heart of the City Centre building downtown, nine cases are filled with necklaces, earrings, bracelets and brooches all resembling succulent fruits, sugary cakes and greasy treats as part of the newest exhibition, Good Enough to Eat.

Artists from all over the states were given the assignment a year ago to mimic food items, develop a structure in their work that could easily relate to omnivore cravings or in some cases, like Alexandra Hart’s Venus Fly Trap series, create members of the food chain themselves.

Jennifer Hall’s ring, entwined with steel wire, resembles the top half of a margarita glass filled with twinkling droplets of colorful epoxy resin. Heinz Brummel’s “Chiclet” earrings made from sterling silver, gold and enamel are literally life-size in the palm of my hand. Carolyn Tillie even sent her cake rings inside a chocolate box that smell as good as they look.

While all items are for sale, already some are being gobbled up before the opening. One shop keeper has bought Lynn Christiansen’sDonut Bracelet” that runs nearly eight inches across and could probably swallow both arms of a toddler. Made out of foam and decorated with acrylic paint, the glamorous could-be anklet can even be hung on the wall after use to add a little flavor to a room.

Lynn Christiansen’s famous “Donut Bracelet”

The exhibit will continue until February 15.