Ghost Gallery Won’t Disappear

Ghost Gallery’s current exhibit involves nature and animal themes by artists Michael Alm and Joey Bates to name a few

Open just shy of a year, we were curious to see how Laurie Kearney’s Ghost Gallery was faring. Easy to miss around the tangled up corner of Denny Way and E Olive Way, Kearney says that foot traffic has been consistent thanks to not just the artworks on display, but also her gift shop that shares half the space.

“People walking in the neighborhood are finding my hidden, tucked away place,” she says turning toward the array of handcrafted jewelry and decorative pieces. “And it’s the gifts here that keep people coming back.”

To Kearney, combining clothing, jewelry, art and furniture into one space just made sense. “Accessibility is the key. People can’t afford to buy art right now,” she says pointing out the hefty prices attached to the work hanging on the wall.

When I inform her about Pioneer Square’s Tether Gallery closing the end of this month, she put a hand to her forehead and shook her head. “That just gives me the chills.”

With the anniversary party just around the corner (Kearney is thinking she’ll plan something around the second week of April), arrangements have been made to have Damien Jurado play in June as well as place more tables and chairs outside.

“It’s my baby,” Kearney says with a smile on her face. “Each month, I’m just by far blown away by the talent that comes through this door.”