You have won me over with cookies

Though there is a great reading happening tonight at University Bookstore with Grace Krilanovich, Ryan Boudinot and Gabriel Blackwell, over at Pilot Books, Brian McGuigan presents Adult Story Time.

Brian, founder of Cheap Wine & Poetry, will read two stories: “Piss or Not,” about the tension between two roommates, and “The Homemade Flesh Light,” about a married man’s quest to be sexually satisfied. He’s a great writer, funny and a bit profane at times, which is why tonight’s reading is for adults. 

To entice readers and get them cozy for story time, Brian’s wife has made cookies and is bringing milk to go with. There’s also beer to make it even more adult-friendly, all of which is free. 

Cookies and milk will be available at 6:30pm and the reading will start at 7:30pm. If you’re interested, you should definitely head in early, as Pilot is a small space, and it’ll give you a chance to grab some gifts for the literati this holiday season.