Matt Browning: Best of Art Walk in 2010

Congratulations, Matt Browning

He got the vote last night at the Best of Art Walk Awards Grand Finale, and took home the $1,000 cash prize. (Read about all six of the nominated artists in our previous post here.) 

Here’s a bit about the work (shown above) that got him the nod, from Joey Veltkamp’s blog:

The idea of tradition is beautiful — it’s how we pass down our crafts, culture and beliefs. With the nostalgic resurgence of canning, knitting, embroidery and anything else our grandmothers did, it’s surprisingly refreshing to also see its masculine counterpoint arrive in the form of whittling. I think Matt is an amazingly talented and an all-around nice guy. His most recent work was a bold departure from what he’s been known for and I always love it when an artist takes a risk.

Thanks to all of the participating artists, judges and attendees at the event last night; to Blue Moon and Sole Repair for helping to throw such a fun party; to DJ Tigerbeat…because I’ve never heard Journey mixed with Daft Punk before…(stay tuned for thoroughly incriminating pictures); and most of all to our host Joey Veltkamp, for his indomitable energy, keen eye and general good will.

And, of course, thanks very much to the dancers who broke it down in the impromptu dance-off. (Yea for free alcohol.) (My head hurts.)

In seriousness: we distributed $5,000 straight into local artists’ hands in 2010 (thanks 4Culture!). We’re feeling pretty good about that

We’re also feeling good about the talent that’s out there in our local visual art scene. Hopefully you’ll continue to get out and support it, during Art Walk and other events that we’ll be sure to recommend here in and in our NOW calendar. Maybe we’ll see you there.

Image: Tradition as Adaptive Strategy by Matt Browning