Boredom is the Mother of Invention

Flood, featured in today’s Spotlight, is only one aspect of the talented Ryan Molenkamp‘s career. Also known as “Molo”, the Seattle painter has written for City Arts quite a bit in the past, and he’s perhaps best known for the series of columns he wrote about working as head of security at Frye Art Museum, including “Basic Training for the Avant Garde.”

Since heists by dashing art thieves don’t happen that often in Seattle, the article focuses on the ways art guards pass the time while watching priceless works of art for hours on end. One of my favorite activities he describes involves renaming classic pieces of art:

One guard — let’s call him Eric — suggested that Woman, Why Weepest Thou? (below) which depicts Jesus resting his hand gently on the shoulder of a woman kneeling on a quaint forest path, should be renamed, Yo B**ch, Why You Trippin’?

Woman, Why Weepest Thou by Fritz von Uhde

I personally would rename Starry Night to This Painting Looks Better as a Framed Poster in a Dorm Room. Has more zing.

Read the article in our archives now; it’s very entertaining. And perhaps it’ll inspire you to flex your own creativity the next time you’re at an art gallery.