Tacoma’s Art at Work Month!-Two Ravens Studio & Art Foundry

On November 6th and 7th from 10am-4pm, studios and artist are opening their spaces up to the public for Tacoma’s Art at Work, featuring forty-four locations throughout Tacoma.

City Arts spoke with some of the artists participating in this exhibition to give you a taste of what’s in store. 

Name: Two Ravens Studio & Art Foundry.

Primary artistic medium/media: Bronze and resin sculpture for client’s artwork and in-house projects.

Studio street address: 2502 Commerce Street.

Hours spent per week working in studio: 50 hours.

Which art items you sell, do you think would fit in a City Arts December gift guide (designed to promote local artists)? Limited edition bronze and resin sculptures.

What you’re working on now: Assembling works created by other artists consisting of two life size abstract sculptures in wax, an acorn baby, two female djinns, a polar bear and two male nudes.

Most dangerous tool in your studio: A 2000 degree melting furnace. Molten bronze leaves nasty scars! Other items include, an oversized, zombie-killing blowtorch for metal patina work, and the angle grinder likes to tear up skin.

Weirdest material(s) you’re currently working with: Cold cast resin bonded bronze, silicone rubber and plasti-paste.

Mental health “drug” of choice: Coffee.

Favorite part about your studio space: The layout fits our foundry needs with minimal remolding work. Plus, it looks like an industrial rock-and-roll hangout for artists.

Least favorite part about your studio space: Not really a least favorite, only that we may end up needing more space in the future for larger jobs.

Your favorite completed work: Creating the seven aluminum male and female figures that Seattle artist Dan Webb sculpted and designed as light fixtures for Pike Place Market.

Read more about Two Ravens Studio and check in on the City Arts Blog for more interviews with Tacoma artists all this week.