Joey Veltkamp’s Guide to First Thursday Art Walk: November 4, 2010

The openings you don't want to miss at the most popular Art Walk around the Sound.The openings you don’t want to miss at the most popular Art Walk around the Sound


knit_art_history by Paul Komada / Gallery4Culture: Adapting to his new role as a stay-at-home parent after the birth of his child, artist Paul Komada traded in his paints for wool yarn and for the past 3 years has been knitting homages to Mondrian’s Broadway Boogie Woogie and Malevich’s Supremacist compositions. I love his solstice representations of the Mayan city Chichen Itza. This installation also includes a group of watercolors.

Chunky Baby Blue 2, 2008 by Rachel Maxi

New Paintings by Rachel Maxi / G. Gibson Gallery: I love Rachel Maxi‘s paintings of garbage dumpsters, flowers, trucks and random locations. Her ability to elevate the mundane into the realm of beauty always amazes me and has made her an artist’s favorite for years. She manages to capture those moments where you get lost in the tension between shadow and light. Almost all new work except for a couple of previously mentioned dumpsters.

Untitled, 2010 by Marie Gagnon

Marie Gagnon / The 619 Western Arts Building (4th Floor South): Marie Gagnon continues her documentation of the of the viaduct before its inevitable destruction. Come see her in the studio where she has both in-progress and completed paintings on display. Most of the works are close-cropped which obscures their identity and transforms the representational paintings into high contrast abstractions.

Shrinky Dink entry by Joey Bates

Shrinky Dink Invitational / Zeitgeist Coffee: Everyone has fond childhood memories of watching plastic magically shrink in the oven. Zeitgeist Coffee has capitalized on this nostalgia for nearly 7 years in the form of their amazing Shrinky Dink Invitational. These aren’t the plastic Smurfs and PacMan from yesteryear; these are serious pieces of art in the form of rings, sculptures and more. Starting at 6pm, you can bid on the 80+ pieces in an auction led by auctioneer favorite Laura Michalek.

12 Labors of Hercules, 1989 by Michael Spafford

Bilocal Benefit Print Show / Tether Design Gallery: To benefit Bilocal Tether Design Gallery will be auctioning off 3 prints from Michael Spafford’s 12 Labors of Hercules series. I think this series by Spafford is some of the best art made in the Northwest. Auction ends at 9pm.

Bust 1, 2010 by Noah Davis

Noah Davis / James Harris Gallery: Noah Davis has a great show where, “The paintings stand in as narrator for forgotten or suppressed moments in history as told through a modern lens.”

Goddess Revisited VIII, 2009 by Lee Kelly

Lee Kelly / Linda Hodges Gallery: In conjunction with Portland Art Museum’s retrospective of Lee Kelly‘s 50 year career, local gallery Linda Hodges will be exhibiting a cross-section of Lee’s recent work.

Stacey Rozich

Group Show / Flatcolor Gallery: Flatcolor Gallery will be showing illustrative work by 7 artists from around the globe, including local artist Stacey Rozich.

To Catch a Trapper, 2010 by Allyce Wood

Re-admittance to Nature / SPACE: Artists E. Dughi and Allyce Wood collaborate on a show about nature. Show opens at 7pm and the performance begins at 8:30pm.

City Arts’ Best Of Walk Awards will be held at Vito’s on First Hill November 4 (8:30pm). Stop by to cast your vote for which finalist you think should take home $500. Guest judges are Betsey Brock, Communications and Outreach for Henry Art Gallery and Whitney Ford-Terry, Co-curator for Hedreen Gallery.