The first single from the upcoming album ‘Mr. Zero’ smacks of abnegation and anxiety but also a kind of material transcendence.

‘Routes of Slavery’ preserves humanity

Photo by Claire Xavier

Created by Spanish viol player Jordi Savall, this multicultural touring concert brings together artists and instruments from Europe, Africa and the Americas to illustrate the tragedy of the slave trade and to honor the humanity of its victims.

A close encounter with Look Up Fest

Hibou headlines the inaugural Look Up Fest. Photo by Jenny Jimenez.

Into the fog of the counterfactual arrives Look Up Fest, a brand-new confab of music, visual art, beer and strange vibes.

“Sugar Mama” by Soultanz

Photo courtesy SoulTanz

The latest from electro-soul duo Soultanz sounds like it was born poolside in Rio with a piña colada in hand.

Africatown seeks a concrete presence in the Central District

Last month volunteers painted a kente-style motif on the parking lot of Midtown Center. Photo by Gregory Scruggs.

In an act of radical visualization, Africatown installed outdoor furniture and painted the parking lot of the Midtown Center to help a real estate developer imagine the community space that a new development could be.

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