Every month in my Attractive Singles column, I share the five best new songs from the Pacific Northwest, culled from heaps of demos, singles, EPs, full-lengths, album-pre-releases and random stuff I stumble across on BandCamp and Soundcloud. I do this because I love you. Also it’s my job. 

And what a job it is! I’d be tracking local music whether or not I got paid for it. To me, the best means of filtering the overwhelming torrent of new music released into the world is by proximity: Start by looking in your own backyard. In Seattle, we have it better than pretty much everywhere else. 

And with that I present to you the ATTRACTIVE SINGLES YEAR-END APOCALYPSE MEGAMIXXX, a compilation of all most of the songs from every Attractive Singles column of 2016. Five songs a month, 12 months a year should equal 60 songs, but a few were pulled from Soundcloud (Dude York, Car Seat Headrest) or never made it at all (You’re Me). Still, 57 songs over four hours is plenty.  

What you hear here is the sound of the Pacific Northwest in 2016. You’ll notice no dominant genre or style but rather a pantheistic diversity that reflects the dizzying musical eclecticism of this region. We produced a bunch of fantastic experimental hip-hop this year, along with gorgeous country folk, woozy downtempo electronica, blazing guitar rock, introspective indie pop, provocative new wave and a glorious swirl of just about every other kind of music imaginable. Quantity and quality: We got it all. 

Special thanks goes to all the musicians working in the Northwest today. Seattle (and even Portland) is not making it easy for you to stay, but more than ever we need your contributions to maintain the creative energy and integrity of this place. We see you and we appreciate you. As this year turns to next, please keep doing what you do. Music is a crucial tool for empathy and communion. Let’s keep sharing.