Attractive Singles

Attractive Singles: October 2016


Five can’t-miss tracks from the PNW

Wiscon, “Wake Up”
The new band featuring Taryn Rene Dorsey, formerly of punk-rock queens NighTraiN, packs a helluva punch. “Wake Up” is a cathartic lament chock-full of ticklish riffs, sugary vocals and electric urgency, all wrapped in a tiny, two-and-a-half-minute package.

Headwaves, “Mama”
This Seattle electro-pop quartet will release their debut LP this month, and lead single “Mama” is a glorious, wide-eyed introduction. Lavish production—courtesy of boundary-stretching producer Randall Dunn—and sinuous songwriting add up to big-budget, radio-ready psychedelia in the vein of MGMT or Grouplove.

Alberta, “Dorene”
Last year Dave Boone arrived in Seattle by way of Detroit, bringing with him a troubled mind and bruised singing voice—something like a Millennial Tom Waits with better elocution. So Says Wynona, his album of 21 spare, urban-rustic folk-blues songs recorded under the name Alberta, shines with dark, magnetic ambiance.

Goodsteph, “Peacocks”
Another auteur recently arrived from Detroit (what up, Motor City?), Stephon Dorsey, aka Goodsteph, spins R&B gold with subtle, sensual beats and a luminous singing voice. Scant info or music available right now, but “Peacocks,” among Goodsteph’s several SoundCloud ruminations about race and identity, is a very pleasing tease.

Pleather, “Cherries”
Pleather is the smartest, strangest band in Seattle that has yet to release a proper album, and until they do, we hang on their every single. With sultry vocals, post-punk guitar and no-wave sound collage, “Cherries,” the duo’s latest, taps deep emotions with a deliciously complex vibe, perfectly suited for too-dark nights.