Attractive Singles

Attractive Singles: November 2015

Blitzen Trapper
Blitzen Trapper “All Across This Land”

This longstanding Portland quintet excels in unabashed anthem mode, full-throttle and highway-bound toward the thrumming heart of classic rock. So goes this album-opening title track, a rallying cry for fist pumpers, roadtrippers, air guitarists and those who love them.

Craft Spells “Our Park By Night”

With their latest single, Craft Spells nudges further from the sleepy, jangly guitar-pop of their early albums toward a new form of sleepy, jangly electronic-pop. Bandleader Justin Vallesteros coaxes a loping groove from his drum sequencer, sounding like the Canadian band Caribou floating on a sparkly cloud of Ambien.

New Track City “The Wave”

A discovery via Bandcamp’s “Seattle” tag, New Track City is a young trio (two MCs and a producer) making jazz-infused, Roots-influenced hip-hop. “The Wave,” a standout from Spring Exceeds Winter, their recently released debut, is all slick, sophisticated swing.

Teleferik “Behlam Fik”

Paris-based band, Seattle-based label: I’m not sure how Teleferik ended up on Knick Knack Records but I’m glad they did. The psych-rock duo’s new debut LP Lune Electric swaggers with raw, boozy blues and daring compositions, singer/bassist Eliz Murad singing sultrily in French, English, and on “Behlam Fik,” Arabic.

Lotte Kestner “Fade Into You”

An easy layup, perhaps, tackling one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded, but Anna-Lyne Williams—the prolific chanteuse behind Lotte Kestner—totally nails this acoustic cover of Mazzy Star. Here’s your autumnal cuddle-sesh theme song.