Attractive Singles

Attractive Singles: June 2017

Tiny Vipers

All Star Opera x Decent at Best, “Mutual Tones”
Welcome to SeaTac, the band! Blending buoyant, jazzy R&B with loverman-MC vocals, this smooth summer jam is the result of an intercity collab between Seattle-based, six-piece live hip-hop ensemble All Star Opera and Tacoma electro-R&B quartet Decent at Best. Solidarity sounds so good.

Tenderfoot, “32 Years”
In April, before Adam Kendall Woods left Seattle for New York, he finished the album he’d been working on for three long years. Tenderfoot’s Break Apart is a warm blanket of gorgeous, elegant folk-pop songs and spare but regal instrumentation of cello, guitar, keys and drums, highlighted by this emotional, biographical ballad.

Tiny Vipers, “K.I.S.S.”
What’s the exact source of the foreboding on Tiny Vipers’ first new song in years? The mystery is part of the allure. Revisiting her intermittent, formerly Sub Pop solo project, Jesy Fortino swaps skeletal acoustic laments for synth-heavy dirges. Here her voice is unintelligible as it floats above scratchy electronic distortion. Weird, wonderful.

Slow Elk, “Chris Farley”
Blistering, spastic energy radiates from Slow Elk’s debut EP Imaginary Fanclubs. The sweat-drenched, striptease-prone mixed-gender sextet is equally cuddly and confrontational, a conflagration of no-wave punk and skronky horns that sounds like Sub Pop degenerates Pissed Jeans colliding with a drunk marching band.

Freekazoidz, “I Saw You Dancing”
Freekazoidz is the new project from always-underrated, perpetually prolific producer OCnotes and longtime Chicago-based homie Devlin Gee. This sexy-as-fuck dancefloor workout dips into disco, go-go, funk, soul and house to achieve a kind of suspended musical animation, timeless and timely and impossible to sit still to.