Attractive Singles

Attractive Singles: July 2017

Lydia Ramsey

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Health and Wellness, “Push It to Me” Just because it’s a summer jam doesn’t mean it’s junk food. “Push It to Me,” from this two-person project featuring members of Motopony and Moon Palace, feels as wholesome as an early morning lake swim—and just as invigorating.

Will Jordan, “In My Feelings” We last heard from Will Jordan earlier this year on “Plastic Heaven,” a standout from Andrew Joslyn’s solo debut. Previewing his upcoming Deep Sleep EP, Jordan’s new single further demonstrates his effortless way around a vocal while taking an entirely different compositional direction, swathed in humming keyboards and pixelated beats, predisposed more to vibe than hooks.

Lydia Ramsey, “Dreamy Eyes” Here’s the plan: Find a sunny meadow, an old blanket and a crushable human. Then go there, lay next to them and listen to “Dreamy Eyes.” It’s the kind of fully committed love song that glues people together. Country-folk chanteuse Lydia Ramsey recently sprung from Seattle folk-pop group St. Paul de Vence; she’s already touring the world on her beguiling voice and solo debut, Bandita.

Critte, “Spaced Out” Critte specializes in sunshine psychedelia—a buoyant, buzzy pop-rock that’s more likely the result of overcaffeination than some kind of designer drug. Hence the giddy bounce, swift pace and radiant chorus of this one-off single. Which is not without welcoming weirdness, especially on the expansive outro.

Perfect Families, “Short Notice” Multi-instrumentalist Chicago-to-Seattle brothers Micah and Joel Smith make throwback electronic dream-pop, languid and echoey, ideal for blacklighted couples skating and/or midnight cruising in a convertible Le Baron. With their upcoming EP Gradients, Perfect Families leave behind their live-band sound and slide into a synthesized fantasy realm.