Attractive Singles

Attractive Singles: January 2015



Peter Broderick, “Colours of the Night (Satellite Version)”
All respect to DJ Riz for playing this song during his weekly Monday night show on KEXP; now I’m obsessed. Peter Broderick, a Portland expat in Berlin, has made a thing of subtle and sublime beauty, an electro-acoustic hymn to the cosmos and everything in it. “All colors of the night/turn every darkness into light.”

Aqueduct, “Five Star Day (Live in Denny Park)”
Long live Aqueduct! Dave Terry, the affable singer/keyboardist behind the ever-brilliant electro-pop project, hasn’t released an album of new material since 2007, but word is we’ll see a slew of new tunes very soon. Until then, old fave “Five Star Day” comes from a live album Terry recorded last summer as part of Pianos in the Parks. Yes, he’s singing into a megaphone.

Black Giraffe, “Right Back”
This pair of brothers have been cranking out nimble, hard-charging indie-R&B (IR&B?) since about this time last year. “Right Back” is their latest, showing even greater polish and precision than their previous work and previewing their sophomore LP, reportedly to arrive early next year.

Don’t Talk to the Cops, “You Don’t Want No Trouble with the Girls”
As usual, I have no idea what BlesOne is rapping about—BUT THAT BASS LINE THO. Its subliminal electronic throb is reason enough for this song to exist. Add a tiny, perky breakbeat and assorted keyboard effects for a novelty song to put on repeat.

Sleater-Kinney, “Surface Envy”
ICYMI: One of the Northwest’s most acclaimed, progressive, hard-rocking bands got back together to record a new album. No Cities to Love, Sleater-Kinney’s first record since 2005’s The Woods, comes out Jan. 20 on Sub Pop. “Surface Envy” is the second single, a vicious, guitar-strangling carpet bomb-run of a song. Sounds like they never left us.