Attractive Singles

Attractive Singles: December 2013

Arkomo “Dirty Flag”
Sam Anderson is the wunderkind cellist/violist/composer/producer behind the string arrangements on Hey Marseilles’ latest album. As Arkomo—his first solo effort of intricate, ethereal chamber-pop—he builds layers of strings, drums, electronics and his own voice into a gorgeous climax.

Battle Ground Grammar “Stack$$$”
Andrew Gospe writes about music for Seattle Weekly and produces music under the name Battle Ground Grammar. “Stack$$$,” from his eponymous Bandcamp-released EP, bubbles and thwumps in a way that’s reminiscent of the international bass-music underground (think Hudson Mohawke, Rustie and Shlomo) in its playful hip-hop futurism.

Nacho Picasso “Alpha Jerk”
From Nacho’s Halloween-released mixtape High and Mighty, this one’s waaay deep. Some say the alpha jerk is what killed Hendrix (look it up). With that idea as starting point, syrup-drawled MC Nacho Picasso dives into his dad’s death, with Hendrix’s vocal take of “Like a Rolling Stone” as hook. Dark, dark, dark—and utterly enthralling.

Dreamsalon “In the Air”
Seattle trio Dreamsalon flaunts post-punk smarts and garage-rock soul. Comprising members of veteran Seattle bands the Lights, Le Sang Song and A Frames, they released Thirteen Nights, their second album, online in October, and it’s quickly become an obsession here at CA HQ. “In the Air” is a standout—propulsive but unpredictable and elegantly lurching.

Lazer Kitty “Pilgrimage”
Lazer Kitty finds electronic producer Vox Mod swapping his drum machine for actual drums; of course he’s a badass there, too. Abetted by a keyboardist and guitarist, he takes Lazer Kitty deep into the cosmos, traveling similar byways as Explosions in the Sky, albeit in a smaller, more streamlined spacecraft. 

Photo of Dreamsalon courtesy of Dreamsalon