Announcing the Spring 2018 Art Walk Awards Finalists

Rhea Vega, "A New Hopi"

On Thursday, April 5, our Art Walk Awards return to Axis in Pioneer Square. The party starts at 8:30 p.m., after the neighborhood’s First Thursday art walk, winners will be announced at 9:45 p.m., and the party will continue until midnight, with music from DJ SassyBlack. Come drink, dance and vote! (You must be on the list to attend; get on it here.)

The three artworks with the most votes will receive cash prizes ($1,000 for first place, $450 for second and $250 for third) and the first-place artwork will be featured in the May issue of City Arts. This round of guest judges was invited to nominate artworks that were exhibited during January, February and March. These are their picks.

Jose Rodriguez, “Untitled,” oil painting. At Statix Gallery, nominated by Angelina Villalobos.

Tyna Ontko, “Pinocchio Poplar,” leather, satin, metal, carnauba wax, orange oil, video loop, 2017. At Pratt Window Gallery, nominated by Philippe Hyojung Kim.

Joey Veltkamp, “WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS,” fabric, batting and thread, 2018. At Greg Kucera Gallery, nominated by Philippe Hyojung Kim.

Luke Armitstead, “Flat Faced Head,” stoneware and glaze, 2017. At Season Gallery, nominated by Philippe Hyojung Kim.

Forrest Perrine, “Flashing Light,” video projection onto marble. At SOIL, nominated by Colleen Louise Barry.

Zorn B Taylor, “Portrait of Elisheba Johnson,” photograph, 2017. At Northwest African American Museum, nominated by Christopher Paul Jordan.

Jessica Rycheal, “Exhale,” digital photograph, 2017. At Northwest African American Museum, nominated by Christopher Paul Jordan.

Brian Sanchez, “Pisshouse,” acrylic and cel vinyl on canvas, 2018. At studio e at Amandine Bakeshop, nominated by Angelina Villalobos.

Gregory Blackstock, “The Great Dobermans,” crayon and permanent marker on paper, circa 2005. At Greg Kucera Gallery, nominated by Colleen Louise Barry.

Rhea Vega, “A New Hopi,” acrylic with gold leaf gilding, on canvas, 2016. At Seattle Theatre Group’s Re:definition Gallery, nominated by Christopher Paul Jordan.

Crick Lont, “Not For Me,” spray paint and paint marker on canvas, 2016. At Axis Gallery, nominated by Angelina Villalobos.

Brittany Kusa, “TO WHAT DO YOU BELONG,” gouache and glitter on glass, 2018. At The Factory, nominated by Colleen Louise Barry.