Angel Alviar-Langley Demands to be Seen

Angel Langley, Photo by Lauren Max

WHO Angel Alviar-Langley, the 22-year-old street styles movement artist, teacher and activist also known as Moonyeka. The daughter of a Filipinx immigrant, Alviar-Langley has lived in South King County, White Center, South Seattle and surrounding areas all her life. Her most recent project was an original work titled pa(i)rable, performed at Velocity Dance Center’s Next Fest 2017 in response to the Trump administration and systematically oppressive institutions.

THE LOOK “I’m usually wearing something that’s functional enough for me to dance in. That definitely doesn’t mean it’s boring. If I’m battling, I might wear a loose-fit button up, some cute swooshy (a vintage ’80s/’90s bomber or windbreaker jacket with track pants) and some Pumas or Vans. If I’m going out, I’m probably wearing some original one-of-a-kind piece from Moksha. Sometimes I’ll throw in some of my Nanay’s pieces she’s given to me, or maybe even wear a Barong/Malong. Fashion is the one space where I can control what you’re seeing of me. And often times I’m asking—no, demanding—that you see me. Witness me. No matter where I am, I am being extra.”

ICONS “I’m forever influenced by womxn of color and femmes; we be settin’ the trends forever. Shout out to my Au Collective #browngirlsclub queens Imana Gunawan and Cheryl Delostrinos, and my favorite stylin’ femmes, El Nyberg and Randy Ford [read more about Ford on page 25]. In terms of mainstream, FKA Twigs all the way.”

UP NEXT Alviar-Langley continues to develop WHAT’S POPPIN’ LADIEZ?!, an ethnographic research project and low- to no-cost mentoring program that provides a platform, tools and safe space for womxn to tell personal stories through art, dance battling and performance. On Jan. 14 Alviar hosts Krip Resistance: To Exist Is to Resist at Gay City and on Feb. 9 she performs at Tint Dance Festival. Keep up at