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Aggressively Transgressive

Photo by Lauren Max

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Arson Nicki has a day drag and a night drag.

WHO: Arson Nicki, the 24-year-old performer, producer, promoter and Seattle’s own aggressively transgressive drag creature. For the past 10 months, Nicki has organized Rapture, an avant-garde drag show and dark techno dance night that occurs every second Saturday at the Timbre Room. Nicki was born and raised within Seattle city limits with no plans to leave: “This place is just the right combination of small city and large city, and it’s continued to treat me very kindly.”

THE LOOK: “One: Thrift store only. Two: If I’m searching through the racks and it stops me dead in my tracks and makes me say ‘WTF’ out loud, it’s going on my body. Three: Always down to construct garments using nontraditional materials. The Home Depot is the best fabric store out there. My day drag is my work attire—jeans with no holes and a collared shirt. Night drag off the clock is a little more adventurous—maybe a mesh tank top with a shiny hoodie of some sort. Night drag on the clock? All bets are off.”

ICONS: My signature lip is directly inspired by Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2009 RTW collection. Also: Iris van Herpen, Gareth Pugh, Leigh Bowery, Maison Margiela’s recent output, Comme des Garçons and BCALLA. I’m fascinated by clothes with silhouettes that appear to be from another dimension entirely. In terms of drag: Ryan Burke, Taylor Mac, Sussi Suss, Kim Chi and Lyle Xox.

UP NEXT: Keep an eye out for upcoming Arson Nicki appearances on runways and in art galleries and concert halls. Rapture’s lineup is rolled out on a monthly basis and the special June Pride edition will be “nothing short of epic.”